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“Ageing is not a crime; it is a process of human growth. Let us respect our senior citizens in our homes and communities,” were the words said by the Minister for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Jean Kalilani.

Kalilani said this in preparation of the 2017 International Day for Older Persons commemoration at Old Airfield Ground in Chitipa, when she presided over the event. During the event, the Minister stated governments’ commitment to ensure that the knowledge and wisdom the older generation has is passed on to the younger generation.

Mwanza Graduates 426 in Adult Literacy

Honourable Patricia Kaliati presenting a Certificate to Group Village Headwoman Davido during the graduation 2014 Adult Literacy Day

Thawale Secondary School in Mwanza was graced by pomp and fanfare when its grounds held a ceremony celebrating International Literacy Day on 8th September, 2014. During the ceremony 50 people out of a total of 426 students received their awards after graduating from an adult literacy class.

In her remarks one of the graduates, Lucia Davido who is also a Group Village Head woman in the area, described her journey to literacy as hard but worth it. She encouraged all people who are illiterate to patronize adult literacy classes.

Poverty and Disability, One Family’s Struggle

Rhoda second from right and Loyce next to Rhoda sit with their family

Chitipa: Friday, September 26, 2014

14 year old Rhoda Mlenga has high hopes for her future. She wants to be a teacher. She works hard in school and rarely misses her classes. Her 15 year old sister Loyce also has dreams of her own, “when I finish school, I want to be a professional tailor. I want to have my own tailoring shop.”

With hopes and ambitions this high, one would not imagine the hard times ahead for these two girls to accomplish their dreams.

Loyce and Rhoda are two bright girls who both have disabilities. Their disabilities are however impacting how they face everyday life and these challenges might affect them reaching their goals if nothing is done to help these two girls.

Breaking new ground - mainstreaming gender in the transport sector

Officials from Ministry of Transport and Public Works brainstorming on Gender responsive indicators at Chikho Hotel in Kasungu

Not so long ago, officials in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works never imagined that it can be possible to mainstream gender in the transport sector. Most of them thought that the infrastructure and services provided in the transport sector equally benefit both men and women and therefore could not see any reason for gender mainstreaming. However, their perception on gender in the transport sector took a dynamic twist when the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare through the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) programme organized a full day training on gender mainstreaming for key officers in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works. Through this training, officials realised that men and women have unequal share of opportunities, benefits and challenges associated with services provided in the sector hence the need for gender responsive programming.

Addressing Gender Based Violence head-on - story of Ndaziona

Ndaziona’s home for the past one year where she is living with her 3 children

Life was all rosy for Ndaziona (not her real name) when she decided to get married to her husband in 1991. Little did it occur to her that her husband would one day turn into a monster defiling three of his own biological daughters. When the zeal for getting rich got irresistible for her husband, he resorted to traditional doctors for quick riches. He said he was advised to start sleeping with his three daughters as charm for the fulfilment of his long time desire to prosperity.

Although, Ndaziona knew about the issue, she could not report because culture demands that marriage issues be handled with high secrecy. Ndaziona informed her father and mother in laws about it. Surprisingly, they shouted at her saying the issue was a family matter as such it needed to be settled only with her husband within the confines of their patrimonial home.

New hope for school drop out girls in TA Msosa

New hope for school drop out girls in TA Msosa

Mnema mother group in Salima district has been operating in TA Msosa for the past 3 years with an aim of promoting girls education. The group which is responsible for Mnema primary school comprises 10 members from different villages around TA Msosa and was established in 2010 through a Government initiative. However, the group’s efforts to support girls education in the area was a toll order considering that the group was not trained to effectively execute its functions.