The aim of the project is to expand lifelong learning opportunities at Community level for those excluded from formal education in Malawi.

The project is a five year (2021-2026) project supported by Korea UNESCO and will use four  learning Centres of Mwera in Lilongwe, Naphini in Zomba, Namiyango in Blantyre and Ibuzya in Chitipa as implementation focal point where Early Childhood Care, Afterschool, Adult Literacy and Technical and Vocational Training classes will be offered.

Bridge II project activities for the next five years

  1. Construction of new CLC, Renovating at Ibuzya in Chitipa and Refurbishing old CLCs of Mwera, Naphini and Namiyango;
  2. Provision of ECD, After school and Adult Literacy Classes supplies in the four Centres;
  3. Development and Provision of Functional Literacy Teaching and Learning Materials;
  4. Supporting development of Adult Education Diploma Course at Magomero Community Development College;
  5. Providing Training for CLC Management committees and facilitators
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation



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